Our Year in Review: How You Can Support Our Mission

Smart Start is more than a funder of child-serving agencies across Mecklenburg County.  We are a collaborator, leader, and convener in Mecklenburg County’s early childhood space.  Our team, together with the agencies we fund, ensure that children turn five ready to thrive.

Despite the many challenges Smart Start of Mecklenburg County faced mid-pandemic, it did not sway our vision of all children entering kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed.

Children thrive in safe, healthy homes and communities and with access to transformative early childhood learning opportunities. Your generosity helps expand our reach to the 85,000 children ages 0-5 in our community.

Join our mission and make a gift today to Smart Start of Mecklenburg County.  Together, we can continue to make children a priority.

Continue reading for a deeper look into the following:

  1. Allocation of funding for FY20-21, which includes $33 million in state, county and private funds to 18 local agencies providing 26 activities to families and children ages birth to five.
  2. The inaugural launch of our Partner Powered Conference meant to engage, connect and inform funded service providers.
  3. Our five new innovation grants addressing gaps in services for families and children ages birth to five.
  4. Taming the Octopus, a convening to discuss the findings of our report on children with special health care needs.