Smart Start Acronyms



  • CAD – Contract activity description
  • DCDEE – Division of Child Development
  • DHHS – Department of Health and Human Services
  • DSP – Direct service provider
  • DSS – Department of Social Services
  • FSR – Financial status report
  • G.S. – General statutes
  • LP – Local partnership
  • NCPC – North Carolina Partnership for Children
  • PBIS – Performance based incentive system
  • PI – Program income
  • SS – Smart Start



Current Quarter Count
An unduplicated count for the three-month period of new children, teachers, programs, etc. served during the quarter. On the Counts Report, you may count the same children, teachers and programs in more than one question. For example, the same facility can be counted in license status improvement and teacher education-college credit activities.

A specific measurable result that answers the question “what has changed as a result of the specific Smart Start funded activity?” Outcomes may relate to knowledge, attitude, skills, values, behavior, condition or status. Each outcome requires both a percentage and a number. You will be expected to meet your projected percentage even if you serve more participants than anticipated. For example, if your outcome is that 90% (45) children meet their individual goals, then you will be expected to achieve a 90% success rate even if you serve more than 50 total children.

“Counts” or numbers served through an activitiy such as ten workshops conducted, or children served. Another term for “outputs” is “units of service”.

Performance-Based Incentive Program (PBIS)
In response to a mandate from the General Assembly, the North Carolina Partnership for Children developed a performance-based incentive system. More than 20 criteria have been established in four key areas: administration, early care and education, health, and family support. These standards focus the work and resources of Smart Start partnerships in targeted ways that truly make a difference in areas proven to impact a child’s school readiness.

Unduplicated Count
The unique number of children, families and programs served by a project for a specific period of time. This means that those impacted by the project are counted only once in a fiscal year – no matter how many times they were served during the year.

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