Shop for GOOD: How You Can Support Local Families with Young Children

Imagine the following: having to choose between diapering and feeding your children; not being able to go to work or school because you lack the required number of diapers for your child to attend child care; your child wearing the same diaper from dawn to dusk because of the inability to supply the daily need of six to ten diapers. What you are imagining represents reality for one in three parents in the U.S., including parents in Mecklenburg County.

To help solve this important issue, Smart Start of Mecklenburg County announces a new partnership with Bright Blessings, a nonprofit organization serving children in six counties including Mecklenburg. Bright Blessings serves babies and children living in homeless shelters, transitional housing facilities, domestic violence programs, and those receiving supportive services through qualified community agencies.

Powered by this partnership, we have provided over 40,000 diapers to families with young children. But our mission doesn’t stop there. Smart Start is more than a funder – we are a collaborator, leader, and convener in Mecklenburg County’s early childhood space. Our vision is that all children turn five ready to thrive, and our local partnerships are a driving force.

By making a gift through our AmazonSmile List during Shop for GOOD week this July 19-23, you can help us reach our goal of supplying local families with 250 boxes of diapers. Diapers are shipped directly to our partner’s doorsteps so you know exactly where your donation is going. Make a gift today to help local children turn five ready to thrive.