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Our goals for the children of Mecklenburg County cannot be achieved without first recognizing and dismantling the systems of bias that provide privilege to some and are inequity to others.  We must continue to work towards advancing equity with humility and awareness of our history and limitations, and a recognition that no individual, leader, or organization has all the answers.

On behalf of Smart Start of Mecklenburg County, we commit to standing with our community and relentlessly working together to create environments where each and every child, family, and early childhood professional can thrive. As the leaders of this organization, we will fight to ensure everyone has a voice, and oppression is stopped in its place the minute it dares to rear its ugly head. The youngest citizens of Mecklenburg County are counting on us to do better. We must deliver for them.

If you would like to communicate any thoughts, ideas, and/or suggestions, we have created a path for you to do so.  Please use the comment box provided here to address any questions or concerns you may have. Comments received will be anonymous (unless you choose to include your name) and delivered to a private inbox.  Our goal is to ensure we are listening to everyone when it comes to the topic of racial equity and diversity in our organization