Health Programs

The Challenge | Poor health can hinder a young child’s growth, education and development, thereby preventing them from achieving their full potential when they enter school.

How We Help |  Smart Start funds health programs provided by Mecklenburg County partners which aim to reduce health risks, educate parents on prevention, identify children with unmet health concerns, and help young children obtain the services they need to be successful.

Guiding Parents To Services

Guiding Parents to Services (GPS) supports children and their families as they transition from the Children’s Developmental Services Agency (CDSA) at age 3 to potential programming with the Charlotte Mecklenberg Schools Exceptional Children’s program, which targets children in need of special education support. GPS provides navigation, educational, and emotional support during this pivotal time. The goal is to empower families to get the services their child needs.

GPS Coordinator

Sound Beginnings and APPLE A Day

Charlotte Speech and Hearing Center provides an evidence-based, early language intervention program for preschoolers focused on building their skills in early communication, emerging receptive and expressive language. Participating preschools include: The Learning Collaborative, Charlotte Bilingual Preschool, Howard Levine Child Development Center, and selected Bethlehem Center-Early Head Start classrooms


You Can Help Children Turn Five Ready to Thrive.


Turn Five Ready to Thrive

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